2 wind turbines

Hello to the possible interested investers in eolian energy in Romania,
This message is for the profesional and a possible interested company to buy our small wind park in Romania.
We are pleased to present to you the next informations.


As a start please see our informations about the 2 turbine project from Negru Voda County, Romania.




1. size of the project,
–  >> Is a 5 MW Wind turbine project.
2. Number of MWH we will produce,
–  >> 16.240 MWh ( P50 value ).
3. Initial estimate of costs,
–  >> Initial estimate costs are 5 mil. euro.
4. Preliminary ROI projections,
–  >> IRR 13,30 %
5. Any purchase agreements that we are negotiating or have in place and the price per kwh we think we can get,
–  >>  40-45 euro/MW  –  >> we didn’t have the chance to have a PPA signed because we are in the development stage of the project, but we have a good connection with a international energy trading company.
6. Land size and ownership

  –  >>30.000 mp for 4000 euro/year ( leased )


The wind turbines are 2.5 MW ( 2 Vestas wind turbines ). The assessment of the land planification is according to the laws and to the technical necessities.


We have a long term lease and there will be no situations for the future. We will buy the land.


We have an official wind study with our wind pole in the area and we also have all the projections of the wind class ( of 6 mps and more )

According to the wind study we can offer all the scenarios !


A quick cost out in USD and converted it to €  using 5 MW and a gross sale of power at 0.5 8 € / kwh.

Using  a CF of 46% we came out with an ROI of 6 years as payback excluding land purchase, replacement blades, etc


Please if you are interested let's start a conversation !


Best regards from Romania,


 Add Energy Renewable Romania
" Adauga un PLUS de energie Afacerii Tale "




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