Street lighting control and management LoRa Technical Proposal


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The inteliLIGHT® LoRa™ system overview

inteliLIGHT® is a street lighting remote control management system that offers detailed, individual lamp control of every lamp.

Controllers are installed on each lamp and they manage and monitor every fixture in the area, performing ON/OFF switching and dimming functions, manually or according to pre-set area schedules, for lamps with electronic ballast.  Additionaly, the controllers provide detailed feedback and error reporting.




Lighting panel control and monitoring units are installed at transformers, feeder pillars and street lighting distribution boxes and carry out measurements and analysis of different parameters in the street lighting grid (power factor, active/reactive/apparent power, voltage, current, frequency etc.) and periodically reports the load curves and energy consumption related information. All error and malfunctions are reported in real time.


The  inteliLIGHT® StreetLight Control Software runs on a server installed in the cloud or at the client Data Centre with back-up for Disaster Recovery and offers advanced analytic tools, failure reporting, customizable maintenance planning, automatic daily backups and recovery procedures for a seamless functioning of the system.


inteliLIGHT® communicates using LoRa™ technology between the controllers and a LoRaWAN Gateway and using any IP-based communication solution available between the LoRaWAN Gateway and the central server.


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LoRa™ is a long range, low power radio frequency communication technology that brings the Internet of Things concept a step closer to large scale adoption in terms of technical capabilities and cost effectiveness. Its outstanding features: low power, long range, high immunity and spread spectrum are surpassed only by the ease of interoperability and the careful design of its security features.


Incorporating the Long Range RF LoRa™ technology developed by Semtech, any LoRaWAN™ GATEWAY is capable of controlling more than 20000 controllers in a range up to 15 km, depending on the urban density. Multiple base stations can be deployed to ensure LoRa network redundancy and the data transmission is secured by use of VPN connection.


inteliLIGHT® can use an existing LoRaWAN infrastructure or can incorporate it in the system.



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System’s architecture overwiew

inteliLIGHT®  remote street lighting management solution has the following architecture:

1. Controllers installed at each lamp;

2. Devices installed at the transformer points/ feeder pillars/ SLDB (RTU – Remote Terminal Unit)

3. LoRaWAN™ GATEWAY-optional

4. Central management software;

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Level 1:  Street Lighting Lamps

Hardware installed at each lamp in the street lighting network:

a) FRE-220 (Data sheet 1), streetlight controller that manage and monitor lamps with electronic ballast up to 500W.

Functions at luminaire level:

- Electrical and energetic parameters as well as error conditions are available at every luminaire individually;

- The system allows commands for every lamp of the street lighting grid. The standard commands available are: ON luminaire ; OFF luminaire; Dimming of luminaire

- Measurements carried out:

o lamp power;

o line voltage;

o active power;

o current;

o controller up time;

o running hours for the lamp;

- Alarms monitored:

o lamp or ballast fault detection;

o faulty grounding;

o device failure;

  Level 2: Power supply cabinet

Hardware installed:  Lighting panel control and monitoring units

Designed to provide remote ON/OFF lighting panel operation and to carry out measurements and analysis of different parameters in street lighting grids. Under/ overpower monitoring, voltage monitoring, phase failure and daytime/nighttime consumption mismatches are reported in real-time to the central server. The analyzers measure several parameters: power factor, active/ reactive/ apparent power, voltage, current, frequency, daily active/ reactive energy and offer configuration options for other parameters including: current transformer ratio, voltage/power thresholds and daytime/nighttime consumption thresholds. LoRaWAN™1.0 compatible.

  Level 3: LoRaWAN™ Gateway

Incorporating the Long Range RF LoRa™ technology developed by Semtech, any LoRaWAN™ GATEWAY is capable of controlling more than 20000 controllers in a range up to 15 km, depending on the urban density.


Its spread spectrum of radio frequencies, high interference immunity and low power consumption makes it ideal for establishing bi-directional communication with any intelligent equipment (sensors, meters etc.), thus providing cost effective connectivity for other smart city applications.


Level 4: Software control level

The functions performed at a central level are carried out using inteliLIGHT NMS central management software suite (Data sheet 2) – an integrated software and hardware platform:

- Allows remote control and monitor the street lighting network through a user interface

- Build with a graphical map showing the position of the lamp poles, network elements and power transformers with GIS compatibility

- The system allows the operator to detect errors and warnings, turn lamps on and off, set dimming levels manually for both single lamps and custom grouped lamps

- The central management software uses IP technology to interface with a cluster of data concentrators

- Display of field information and configuration of the system

- The system will prioritize alerts and malfunctions, triggered commands reacting to different events

- The system may send emails and SMS text messages to the operators

- User/neighborhood assignment

- From a central level, the operator is able to perform manual command for individual luminaires, power supply cabinet, group/cabinet, user defined groups

- The complete solution will be customizable for special requirements

- The software component will allow Multilanguage interface

- The software component will enable different user privileges, according to the assigned rights

- Continuous real-time monitoring of energy consumption (alerts for threshold overcome)

- Unauthorized consumption detection (out-of-schedule operation, energy theft, grounding, etc.

- Active/reactive energy consumption display for each individual phase with graphics

- Reports available: luminaires status, system status, lamp runtime, daily/week/month energy consumption, energy saving (also with graphics option), alerts resolution status, recurring alerts, phase imbalance in power cabinets.

Fig. B: LoRaWAN network architecture




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