Geotechnical Study

We perform geotechnical studies in the field phase.

- Execution of geotechnical drilling, “Penetrometer technique “and sampling undisturbed and disturbed geotechnical tests in the drilling phase



We perform geotechnical studies in the laboratory phase

- Analysis of water found in drilling;

- Characteristics of the contract;

- Limits of flow, of kneading, plastic index and consistency index of plasticity;

- Compressibility module, specific coefficients of compaction and specific compaction to flooding;

- Granularity, Natural humidity and Geotechnical analysis for each sample;

- Compression / compaction curves;

- Charts


Geotechnical studies will be prepared according to the stage of projects (both PUZ phase where there is no need for thorough research field and for DTAC stage where final geotechnical study will be performed, depending on the height of the structure and the surface affected by it).


Drilling is done to determine the land lithology, static and dynamic penetration.


Preparing geotechnical studies will follow legal requirements:


(Law 10/1995 on the quality of construction, Norm NP074-2007 – Preparation and checking of geotechnical documentation, GT 035/2002 – Guidance on the compilation and verification of geotechnical construction documentation).


Depending on the beneficiary specifications, the Af authorized project verifier can be provided.





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