Studiu de vant

In terms of wind, the chill wind is the most specific wind, because of its distribution areas – Moldova, Dobrogea, southern and eastern Wallachia, and special intensity of the blow.




For this kind of wind the frequency is much higher during the winter, with NE-SW direction, blowing at speeds sometimes exceeding 30-35 m / sec and causing the most powerful storms in our country. In the warm period of the year, although its frequency is much lower, the “chill wind “ is a damaging wind, warm and dry, which can sometimes compromise crops in east and southeast of the country.


Our office performs analysis and interpretation of wind studies required to initiate wind power installation projects, also required by the funding units of the future Windfarms.


For owners of lands with wind potential, which don’t have wind data, we provide services in the field of Geographic Information Systems to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.


It is important to mention that we offer both GIS solutions on standard platforms, but also according to customer request, so that he could use them adequately to his needs.


- Collecting spatial data: scanning, georeferencing and vectorizing analog maps, geodetic and topographic measurements of high precision, using GPS equipment and total stations;


- Conversion and integration of spatial data: data collection, drawing files, drawing register plots, drawing record owner, making the connection between the textual and graphical by various queries, using both own and purchased software;


- Designing spatial databases and GIS applications for different areas: surveying, central and local administration, agriculture, urbanism, spatial planning, environment, networks of all categories (utilities, transportation, distribution, collection, etc.), specialized technical evidence systems (roads, railways, residential areas, industrial parks, nature reserves, etc.), tourism, leisure and so on;


- Development of GIS applications;

 - Consulting and technical assistance.


For a wind farm are needed datas like the production realized of ​​every type of wind plant, existing turbulence on the field, study based on multi-wind environments, obstacles, framing protected areas and other data necessary to carry out the feasibility study.





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