Shadow Study

Unlike the classic shadow from a fix object, any solid and opaque object causes shade areas around them, due to sunlight. Certain parts of an object moving, generates an effect called "shadow flickering" (flashing).





The shading study is necessary to obtain complete documentation for obtaining the Favorable Approval for an Urban Area Plan and to obtain the Building Authorization.


This can be used as evidence in court if litigation.

As specific elements underlying the calculation of a building shadow, we present the following specifications:


- To calculate a shadow there are used certain dedicated software,

- Take into account the worst specific cases of the studied construction,

- Minimum angle of influence is 3 degrees above the horizon,

- Altitude of the surrounding land (coordinates / level z) is considered.


The shadow study well done will provide optimal solutions for the parties involved – the beneficiary of new constructions, existing buildings beneficiaries.


Our Design Office is working with Specialists with right of signature, that perform     shadow study to obtain Building Permits, or any other architectural and urban analysis.




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