By Order of the ANRE President, no. 129/2008, the Regulation on the establishment of solutions for connecting users to public electricity networks was approved .




We offer Solutions for Connecting facilities of a user to the public electricity network through the preparation of the solution sheet or the solution study.


Devising of the solution sheet

According to the Regulation, the connection solution is established through the solution sheet for:


1) individual household type users, regardless of the power requested;


2) consumer type users requiring less than 30 kVA power, whatever category they belong in terms of their activity;


3) consumer type users who connect to the medium and low voltage power network regardless of the power required, if the connection solution is unique and / or obvious;


4) existing users who require an extra power that can be provided by existing connecting facilities, regardless of the voltage network where they are connected.


Elaboration of the solution study

The connection solution is established through the study of solution for users who:


1) are connected to electrical networks with a nominal voltage of 110 kV or more;


2) are distributors, or have generating groups, regardless of the network voltage where they are connected;


3) are connected to the electrical networks of medium and low voltage distribution, in situations where this conditions are fulfilled simultaneously:


- Users do not fall into categories where the connection solution is determined by the solution file;


- At least two variants of connection solution are possible, technically appropriate and economically comparable;


4) require modification / improvement of existing facilities or increasing connection reliability point of separation, if required work can not be determined by the solution file;


5) by their type and characteristics of facilities use equipment and / or technological processes, require an analysis to determine the impact on the network and the connection of other users and establish measures for meeting these impacts within standardised limits.


The user must choose one of the solutions set in the study and approved by the network operator to express their choice in writing and, if necessary, request no later than two months the Technical Connection Issue.


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