Centralized results, following developing technologies that use renewable sources through which electricity is produced.

Lista puterilor totale  pe judete

The total electricity power lList, by counties and by type of energy source 19_03_2013 presented by TRANSELECTRICA ROMANIA


Wind Energy overview in 2012 for Romania, by EWEA 

Wind Energy overview in 2012 for Romania, by EWEA;

Installed capacity end 2011: 982 MW, 2020 target 4000 MW.

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Harta Interactiva a proiectelor de Energie Regenerabila din Romania

Interactive map of Renewable energy Projects in Romania

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Wind Energy Romania — Main Findings 

Wind Energy Romania — Main Findings / Power market overview / Sites / Main wind energy developers / Supply chain / Local labour market / Financing / Support mechanism / Regulatory framework / Opportunities and challenges /

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  Harta eoliana din Romania prezentata de the Wind Power

        The eolian map for Romania prezented by “the Wind Power”;

    General data prezented by the end og 2012

    Romanian wind energy parks

    Development areas in Romania


 Prognoza pentru Romania 2013 

The production wind energy for Romania 2013, sources and manufacturers that can grow.

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Cum a crescut Puterea instalata in energia eoliana din Romania

How increased installed capacity in wind energy in Romania

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Energia eoliana in Romania    Romanian wind energy:

Wind energy has experienced growth in recent years in terms of installed capacity in Romania, and by the end of this year, according the experts estimations, over 7.5% of electricity demand could be covered by wind energy. In the present, the cumulative power of total operational wind farms is 1000 MW.


The percentage of growth for 2011 was 112.6% compared to 2010, and for 2012 it is estimated a doubling of installed capacity.


According Transelectrica in August this year total MW of projects with the technical connection and connection contract reached 22.458 MW ended. This statistic Romania ranks 2nd in Europe after Germany and ahead of Spain.


These projects are currently being planned and just wants to be demarcated in the coming years. 97% of installed capacity to date are located in the south-east of the country, but this year there is a tendency of moving towards northeast.


Romania has attracted many investors in renewable energy, mainly due to the support scheme approved by the European Union, according to which wind energy producers receive two green certificates per MWh.

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Harta proiectelor fotovoltaice din Romania  Photovoltaic Romanian map

Romanian eolian map

Map projects producing electricity with biomass plants

Map proejcts producing electricity with microhidroplants in Romania

Map fo cogeneration projects in Romania

Map of biogas proejcts in Romania


    Green certificates market

     Existin producers and green certificates for the months of january – april 2012

Raportul anual al OPCOM pentru anul 2011 

Anual OPCOM Report for 2011

- Settlement tranzagtions for CV on OPCOM

- Present trading sessions for green certificates

- Centralized prezent market for green certificates

Tabel cu producatorii existenti si Certificate verzi pentru primele luni ale anului 2012

- Table of the existing producers and green certificates for the first months of 2012

Tabel cu Certificatele verzi emise pana in luna decembrie anului 2011

- Table with green certificates issued until december 2011

Harta Retelelor si a centralelor electrice Eoliene din Romania la 12.12.2012 emisa de C.N.  Transelectrica

The network map and wind power plants in Romania at 12.12.2012, by C.N.  Transelectrica

Harta Retelelor si a centralelor electrice Fotovoltaice din Romania la 12.12.2012 emisa de C.N.  Transelectrica

The network map and photovoltaic power plants in Romania in 12.12.2012, issued by C.N.  Transelectrica

     Tabel ce prezinta situatia Avizelor tehnice de Racordare si Contractele de Racordare

The table that shows the connection status of technical advice and connection contracts for wind farms updated by C.N.  TRANSELECTRICA

Raportul de energie la nivel mondial publicat de catre W.W.E.A. – Wind Energy International 2011 – 2012      

     Energy report at global level published by W.W.E.A. – Wind Energy International 2011 – 2012

          Romania description in the catalog issued by World wind energy association 2011 – 2012

     World wide level description in the World wind energy association Catalog 2011 – 2012




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