This Report is a continuation of Environmental Impact Assessment during the Project construction and presents the following steps:

Report on further environmental impact assessment, Phase of works C + M

1. General information about:



Regulatory acts

Description of the current situation on the ground

Stages of the project

Work done, components features

Description of technical arrangements

Information about physical pollutants

Waste management

2. Potential impact on environmental components

2.1. Water

2.1.1. Water supply

2.1.2. Wastewater management

2.1.3. Sources of water pollution and pollutants generated

2.1.4. Hydrogeological considerations of site

2.2. Air

2.2.1. Sources of air pollution caused by the works execution and pollutants generated

2.3. Soil

2.3.1. Sources of soil pollution

2.3.2. Impacts on soil

2.4. Biodiversity

2.4.1. Information about habitats, fauna and flora Existing habitats in the project area Invertebrates Amphibians and reptiles Avifauna. Mammals Protected natural areas closest to the site of wind farms

2.4.2. Impacts and effects Impact on habitats Impact on invertebrates Impact on amphibians and reptiles Impact on avifauna Impact on mammals

3. Remedial measures of the environmental damage (in rom “de reparare a prejudiciului”)


Our Design Office is working with specialists with the right for signature, that perform Reports on Further Environmental Impact Assessment during the construction works in order to obtain the Environmental Permit or any other architectural and urban analysis.





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