Environmental Report required for Zoning Plan approval

The Environmental Report has the purpose of:

         – technical analysis of the environmental impact for execution and exploitation of the objective;

        – specify the current state of environmental factors in the target area;

        – determine the sources and causes that can generate, at a time, a certain level of emissions of pollutants discharged into the environment and other effects with negative impact on the environment caused by the execution or exploitation of the objective;

        – Establish ways of action to comply with the rules and standards for environmental protection.

        The objectives of the paper are:

        – Identify potential environmental hazards and assess exposure levels;

        – Estimating environmental risks;

        – Environmental impacts both during the execution of investments provided by PUZ and during operation of future systems;

        – Noise level analysis;

        – The management of waste, including recyclable;

        – Presentation of rearranging perimeters adjacent to the areas to be built;

        – The impact on the local population;

        – Identify measures to minimize impacts on the environment;

        – General recommendations for the exploitation of the objeactive.


The environmental report predicts the relationship or effect on the environment of existing activities in different conditions, possible to occur in a near or distant future.


The environmental report is not intended to provide decision; they broaden the area of information that is, for policy makers, the adoption of those measures on long or short term, to minimize their negative effects and to stimulate their positive ones.


The environmental report has been prepared in accordance with Government no. 1076/2004 on setting the procedure for approval of environmental assessment for plans and programs.


Our Design Office is working with specialists with the right for signature, that perform Environmental Reports in order to obtain the Environmental Permit, Building Permit or any other architectural and urban analysis.





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