Technical design

In the Design section are also included all the Studies required through the Town Planning Cetrificate / Approvals / Agreements / Construction Permit.

Technical documentation, technical design and Execution Details are the engineering design;

- Preparation of raw data,

- Opportunity Pre-study,

- Presentation of project information in G.I.S. (Global Information System),

- Specialization in preparing maps for the planning and construction of the Project,

- Town Planning Certificate & Building Authorization,

- Purchasing land


Buying or leasing land:

- Notice of Opportunity, issued by the City Hall,,

- Town Planning Certificate for the Project issued by the City Hall or the County Council,

- Obtaining approvals / Specified agreements within the Town Planning Certificate,

- Execution of specialized studies specified within the Town Planning Certificate or needed to obtain Approvals / Agreements,

- Devising Contracts required for obtaining Approvals / Agreements,

- Devising the Local Urban Plan and its support for obtaining the County Council Approval / Local Council Decision for LUP approval,

- Devising Technical Documentation for obtaining Building Permit, Technical Design and Execution Details for "ready to build" phase,

- Authorized Checking,

- Devising the Documentation and getting Establishment Permit,


Technical documentation, Technical Design and Execution Details:

- Technical Project of Access roads,

- Installations Technical Project,

- Resistance Technical Project,

- Architecture Technical Project.


These projects are included in the services package of the Design Office.

(Documentations are signed, stamped and verified by authorized persons).

The Design Office and its references will be presented to the Beneficiary before the collaboration begins.


The advantages of "READY TO BUILD" procedures:

           – There is no loss of time with the Technical Project and Execution Details,

           – For the execution part the project can be changed through Site provisions / Revisions of the project’s board,

           – Specialized consulting / Qualified assistance in the yards, Minutes and  processes of the work.


Add-Energy technical  Design Office assumes responsibility before the Beneficiary under the contracts he signed with.

Technical Documentation, Technical Design and Execution Details are devised as required by law;

For the Beneficiary will be submitted weekly reports, thus highlighting Contract Work Situation;


The Design Office will present the Design Stage, the Stage of Approvals / Agreements / Authorizations / Studies / Measurements, Technical Documentation, Updated Charts.





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