Technologies of biomass energy production


There are several types of biomass, organic materia, such as plants, agricultural and forestry residues and the organic component of municipal and industrial waste.



They can now be used to produce fuels, chemicals and power.


Wood has been used to provide heat for thousands of years. This flexibility has led to increased use of biomass based technologies.


Biomass technologies use organic materia to release stored energy from the sun. The process used depends on the type of biomass and end-use destination.

Biofuels  BIO FUELS

Bio power  BIO POWER

Bio products  BIO PRODUCTS


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Harta Interactiva a proiectelor de Energie Regenerabila din Romania

The interactive map for Renewable energy projects in Romania


A biogas plant :

Cost per KW installed: 3000 euros

Capacity factor: 60% (50-70%)

Annual production: 5.2 MWh

Green certificates / MWh: 2.7

Price without subsidy: 260 euro / year, so a return of 11.5% and payback in 8.7 years.

Minimum proceeds: 580 euro / year, so a return of 19.3% and payback in 5.2 years.

Maximum proceeds: 900 euro / year, so a return of 30% and payback in 3.3 years.



IMPACT  Sustainable Bioenergy        IMPACT:  Sustainable Bioenergy

        Ensurly sustainable biomass in a rapidly developing market

        Towards a biobased economy in Europe

        Understanding impacts from biofuels



Harta proiectelor de producere a anergiei electrice cu centrale pe biomasa

The map projects that produce electricity with Biomass plants

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Measuring the Potential of Switchgrass Pellets.   Measuring the Potential of Switchgrass Pellets.

President Barack Obama wants U.S. scientists to pursue an “all-of-the-above” strategy in developing new sources of domestic energy.Agricultural Research Service agronomist Paul Adler is providing complete cost-benefit breakdowns for using switchgrass pellets instead of fuel oil to heat homes and businesses in the Northeast.

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