Noise Study

        Noise Study

Existing industrial activities in the analyzed location are counted to characterize the current state of the environment in terms of noise.



Based on the inventory of sources of industry, provided by the customer and field visits to perform measurements and observations on existing equipment and facilities, some of which are sources of noise, there was a brief characterization of them in terms of acoustic.


Since on the site studied are installations that can encapsulate multiple sources, it will make a sound judgment for these installations: power acoustics, spectral analysis, setting emission centers of various installations (position coordinates x, y, z).


Also in the sources of industry, in accordance with good practice guidelines, fit both road traffic and rail traffic taking place on the territory studied.


In the first phase of acoustic modeling is done the digital model of the area that includes all major noise sources existing – industrial buildings and other possible obstacles in the propagation of acoustic waves.


In the second phase of modeling the input datas are prepared within the format accepted by the computer program depends the output data quality and finally the consistency of obtained findings.


For a better appreciation of geometric modeling accuracy and location of noise sources, it’s working on 3D representations of all major area modeled in terms of sound. This approach allows the verification of the model to the situation on the ground.


The study on noise level is calculated in accordance with ISO 9613-2 ("Noise attenuation during outdoor propagation – Part 2: General method of calculation")



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