By P.U.Z., plans and urbanism regulations, are established objectives, actions, priorities, urban planning regulations – permissions and restrictions – that must be applied in compliance with land use and construction of the area.

The develop of a quality P.U.Z. requires (excerpt from Guide to methodology development and content framework of the Urban Zoning Plan):

- Entrusting the work to a design unit with experts in the field;

- Correlation of the regulations with the results of the General Urban Plan and the conclusions of the specialized studies;

- Drawing on a surveying support or an updated cadastral;

- Thorough documentation both on land and in the database;

- A full multi-criteria analysis, on the multidisciplinary team, on sectors that are involved in the development area;

- Issuing proposals responding to the initial proposal by local councils;

- Cooperation between beneiciar, developer and relevant central and local administration bodies.



         All these criteria are fulfilled by our team, so the recipient can get approval as fast, and also the Zonal Plans technical design + Urbanism Regulation for  P.U.Z.





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