Poza management de proiect

Project management includes planning, organizing, monitoring, controlling, reporting and corrective actions needed for all the project processes in order to achieve project objectives, continuously.


The management of any project includes a set of principles, practices and techniques used to lead the project’s working team and to control time, cost and risk, in order to produce the desired result.


Project Management (PM) is the methodical approach of the planning and guiding project processes from start to finish. PM is widely used to control complex processes of development projects.


The Add-Energy Project Management Office consists of :

- Senior Project Manager and Dedicated Project Managers,

- Authorized designer for the electrical equipaments,

- Authorized structure designer,

- Authorized designer for roads and platforms,

- Architect with signature right,

- Monitoring staff and building sites control.

- Measurement authorized personal

- Legal advicer / Attorney


Depending on the contract, the Project Management team is obliged to implement the contracted project, presenting weekly reports of the work to the Beneficiary, establishing directive and executive sessions with the participation of  the beneficiaries and the general contractor.


Draws, with the beneficiary, reserve lists for companies that are not on work schedule and must be replaced.


Prepares final reports and closes the project.


The main steps taken by the Project Management team:

1. Introduction in Project Management

- Details of the project

- The purpose of the project

- State Management

2. Time Management

- Work Charts

- Reports

- Monitoring and Control

- Time limit

3. Cost Management

- Budget Execution

- Cost Diagrams

- Expenses reports

4. Quality Management

- Monitoring and quality control

- Technical Approvals

- Quality Certificates

5. Resource Management

- Diagrams of resources placement

- Monitoring and Control

- Reports

- Resource leveling

6. Communication management

- Types of communication

- Reports

7. Risk Management

- Assessment of risk

- Risk control methods

- Risk reports

8. Acquisitions management

- Diagrams of acquisitions

- Monitoring and Control

- Reports of acquisitions

9. Management closure

- Construction paper

- List of nonconformities occurred during management, handed to Beneficiary

- Final reports

- Contractual checks/ final payments

- Final reception




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