Fisa de prezentare  

      The Sheet of Presentation and Statement is part of the documentation required to obtain the Environmental Permit and shows as part the following steps:


General information:

- Location

- Activity profile

- Ownership

- Conditions of work (hours / day, days / week, days / year)

Specific activity data:

- Work

- Facilities

Material balance


- Sources of pollution and protection of environmental factors

- Sources of noise and vibration

- Facilities, arrangements and measures for protection against noise and vibration

- Noise and vibration produced

- Protection of soil and subsoil

- Protection against radiation

- Forest protection

- Protection of ecosystems, biodiversity and nature protection

Measures for the protection of ecosystems, biodiversity and nature conservation in general:

- Protection of landscapes and traditional areas of interest.

Waste management

- The waste management: controlled storage, transport, treatment, reuse, disposal, environmental integration, marketing

- Protection of landscape and traditional areas of interest


Our Design Office is working with specialists with the right for signature, that perform The Sheet of Presentation and Statements in order to obtain the Environmental Permit or any other architectural and urban analysis.



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