Construction - Consulting and Execution


We offer the following services:

1.Consultancy for procurement of materials.

( Materials needed predominantly are different sorts of stone, sand, concrete and iron. )

Depending on the position of investment, we can help in identifying the nearest quarrie and concrete station, being watched the quality of materials and services along with their prices.


2.Choosing the general contractor for the actual execution of the work,

3.Wearing discussions and identify potential general contractors,

4.Recognition and selection of the companies able to provide quality services in each area.


In the case of civil and industrial constructions and electrical installations both in the design and execution part, the Add-Energy Office can offer:

- Tracking subcontractors directly elected;

- Management of construction projects;

- Guidance in choosing certified technical staff required by the regulations in force;

- Consultance on site in the actual execution (Execution monitoring and control).


Add Energy Office operates with personnel certified by the State Inspectorate for Constructions:

- Construction Engineer (Inspector),

- Technical execution responsible

- C.Q.,

- Engineers with experience in the field.





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