Add Energy Renewable Romania

” Add a Energy PLUS to your Business !




       To achieve your business objectives is required each component of strategic planning and marketing, including the products, services, people, productivity, promotion, finance and competition reactions.


       Our specialists go into detail of technical analysis and financial viability of possible projects to produce green energy trying to develop working tools making  easy decisions, greatly reducing the cost of evaluation and preparation of potential projects.


       Our goal is to increase awareness of the existence of the renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures.


       Put into practice professional training and technical support through the consultancy bureau, authorized personnel and specific references.


       We have a responsibility to act and to be successful.


       Ultimately, out ability to record the CLIENT expected results is the critical factor that determines your success.


      To increase the promotion efficiency of the energy from renewable sources, we would like to invite you to PARTNER with ADD-ENERGY Community.