Country’s energy potential map indicates wind speeds between 4.5-11.5 m / s at 50 meters altitude in different regions of the country. National Meteorological Administration should process and provide annual statistics on the average speed of the winds, but these statistics are not very relevant because in most weather stations are collected using an outdated method – comments made ​​by people 6 times daily.


This data gives us a good perspective of wind potential, if we focus for longer periods of time.


Professional measurements are carried by wind developers of wind farms in different locations – around 70 such locations a few years ago, now more, most of them located in Dobrogea and Moldavia region, demonstrating interest in developing projects and identify potential locations for rising wind generators.


Most measuring climatic conditions pols are between 60 and 80 meters high. Data gathered by the developers are not public, because the costs of processing and interpretation of such wind studies are very high and such data are valuable both for beneficiaries and for other potential developers. Besides the lack of reliable data, Dobrogea region is considered the second region of Europe with the highest wind energy potential.


We can install, on your order Measuring Poles for Climatic Conditions in order to obtain measurements of wind, internationally accredited.


After signing the contract, we can provide both pole and equipment installation within 2 weeks.


Equipment is installed according to applicable standards, inspected and tested repeatedly.





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